Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Local musher is out

According to the official site of the Iditarod, our local musher, Lachlan Clarke of Buena Vista (left), scratched just before noon today at Rainy Pass Checkpoint. Race officials say he tore a ligament in his ankle.

What a blow! It's such a mundane thing to happen, but that's all it takes. We'll check in with him down the line to see how he is. It appears his dogs are fine, as are the dogs of other veteran mushers who dropped out of the race today and Monday.
Looks like Butch Austin of Fruita scratched this morning at the Finger Lake Checkpoint, citing injuries that occurred before the race began. Officials say Austin didn't think it was safe to continue.
Bill Pinkham, a veteran musher from Glenwood Springs, is in 41st place, and has made it to the Rainy Pass Checkpoint.

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