Monday, March 26, 2007

It's time to ski Pikes Peak

The weather is warm, the snow is stable, it's time for a field trip to ski the north side of Pikes Peak.
I do it every once and a while. I'm not a regular, but every time I go I have so much fun I vow I should do it more often. There's a map below to get newbies started. To read the full story on what it's like to ski the peak, click here. I feel I need to say, even though there is a road, this is real backcountry skiing. Conditions are unpredictable. People have died doing these chutes. Only expert skiers should attempt the upper chutes. It's a good idea to wait for them to soften up. (An 11 a.m. ski would probably be soft enough.) Go, have fun. Send us pictures.

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