Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't forget to sign up

Check you've moved the time ahead and then set your alarms to sign up for the Pikes Peak Marathon and/or Ascent, Aug. 18 & 19. If you tried to register March 1 and you're not on this list, you have to re-register Tuesday.

General registration for the:
Ascent - Wave 2: 6 a.m.
Marathon: 6:30 a.m.
Ascent - Wave 1: 7 a.m.

To register, go to


AndyW said...

I forgot. Or didn't care enough to remember. The Web site says it filled up in 10 minutes, so it might not have mattered anyway. There's some lesson there about the psychology of artificial shortages (or, maybe, actual shortages, but artificial urgency). Can't say I'm too broken up over it after the way they mishandled everything.

Anonymous said...

Angry!!! I guess it is my own fault that I didn't get signed up in time THE SECOND TIME, but angy nontheless. I was able to sign up the first time and because of the IT issues my entry was abandoned. As a native of Manitou it saddens me to see the ease and cost savings of technology displace locals who want to participate.

Dena Rosenberry said...

I know in the three summers I've lived here there's been a rush on entries, but I'm not sure this is the solution. I've heard lots of suggestions: locals priority, time priority, a set number of local and outside positions, a lottery.

I'm not in a position to judge. I've run distance races, but nothing that had such a limited field. Any experienced voice care to weigh in?