Monday, March 12, 2007

Colorado Rocky Mountain Hiiiiiiigh

It's official:

Rocky Mountain High,” the late John Denver’s love letter to his adopted state, became Colorado’s second official song today.

(To watch an audio slideshow of local singing Colorado's state songs, click here.)

Lawmakers passed a resolution that puts Denver’s 1972 anthem alongside the lesser-known “Where the Columbines Grow”, which was adopted in 1915.

In the House, where lawmakers listened to a live performance of the song, Rep. Debbie Stafford, R-Aurora, unsuccessfully tried to amend the resolution to make it clear that the song refers to Colorado’s altitude and doesn’t encourage drug use.

Some senators tapped their feet and sang along while others sorted through paperwork on their desk.

Sen. Dave Schultheis, R-Colorado Springs, who voted against the measure, said he didn’t think the state should have two songs. “If we don’t like ’Where the Columbines Grow’ the legislature should remove it and replace it,” said Schultheis, who admitted he didn’t know the words to the original state song.

Denver’s brother, Ron Deutschendorf, told the Aspen Daily News earlier this month that Denver would have been “proud and honored” to have the tune designated a state song. An uncle, Dave Deutschendorf, is a Colorado Springs resident. (Thanks to Denver's family and friends for the photo, from their Web site.)


The Muppet Band said...

What about "Poems, Prayers and Promises?"

"And I have to say it now
It's been a good life all in all
It's really fine
To have a chance to hang around
And lie there by the fire
And watch the evening tire
While all my friends and my old lady
Sit and pass the pipe around"

That's CLEARLY talking about the altitude...

Zen said...

Debbie Stafford, R-Aurora is right. If we don't make the distinction between altitude and getting high, all the drug dealers are gonna move here. All the hippies too. Probably the Columbian cocaine cartels. Certainly the Humboldt Cannabis growers.

MENBAH! said...

Ridin the storm out
Waiting for the thaw-out
On a full moon night in a Rocky Mountain winter
Wine bottle's low
Watchin for the snow
And thinkin about what I've been missin in the city

I'm not missin a thing
Watching the full moon crossin the range
Ridin the storm out
Ridin the storm out
Ridin the storm out...


Just sayin'