Tuesday, February 06, 2007

UPS guys break out the shorts

"In a welcome sight heralding the end of another winter and the arrival of spring, United Parcel Service men across the nation are breaking out the shorts."

This is the lede from an old Onion article. But on my way to work today I actually saw the UPS guy rocking shorts. And why not? It was over 50 degrees at dawn in Colorado Springs. Snow is disappearing from the city like chip manufacturing plants.
I scrambled up the Incline yesterday, and while it was snowy and slushy, it wasn't icy. I'm not saying spring has arrived, but I'll gleefully accept a brief interlude of warm weather before the forecasted snow of the weekend.


AndyW said...

All this sun's gone to Dave's head. The incline was indeed not icy. That's because the snow hadn't even begun to melt on the upper part.

It was deep and firm with leetle teeny toe holds punched into it. Don't even think about it without Yaktrax or something... something like crampons and an ice axe.

Bobby Hill said...

What is the big deal? I wear my 'short pants' all the time down here in Texas.

Biker Betty said...

I got out on my motorcycle today. It's downright balmy, lol.

zen said...

Yes indeedio ... these few days of warm weather have been warmly (pun intended) welcomed. A perfect interlude before our snowiest months hit.

(Is it wrong that - straight guy that I am - I find the UPS guy's legs mighty tasty and inviting? Must be that thing they call Spring Fever. Yowza.)


Anonymous said...

ok, for those of us freezin in Iowa could you please send your "balminess" this way PLEASE!!!