Tuesday, February 20, 2007

And they wonder why some people make fun of them

A group of Wisconsin snowmobilers set out for some sleddin' last Thursday in the woods near Clark, Colorado. After a few hours of "Git 'er done" they had gotten lost, gotten all but one of their snowmobiles stuck in several inches of new snow, and run out of gas.
Here the La Crosse Tribune takes over the story:
"When their last snowmobile ran out of gas, the seven young men, including brothers Colton and Cody Lechnir of La Crosse, tried to blow it up. Create smoke. Signal their location. Alert rescuers.But it failed. The engine didn’t have enough gas left to flame [uh, yeah, remember guys, you're out of gas] and the blizzard on the mountain near was too thick for anyone to see through, anyway. The men began hiking through the snow drifts, at times sinking up to their armpits.“We’d go two minutes and feel like we just ran a marathon,” Colton Lechnir said."
They were able to build a fire to keep warm. A day later, they were rescued by other snowmobilers.
“Going through that gave me a whole new appreciation for everything I have,” Colton said.
Hopefully, that includes the gas gauge.
Here's the full story from the La Crosse Tribune.


zen said...

Absolute tools angling for a Darwin Award.

sledneckinMN said...

Couldn't they possibly use the motor oil to start a fire if they ran out of gas? The battery might have been able to spark a fire off something if they didn't have any matches.

Bob Marley said...

Something tells me these guys were burnin' already if you know what I mean.

survivor said...

yo this is colton lechnir i was lost and yes we was burnin'