Monday, February 19, 2007

New improved

We just got a note from on what's new on the site for the upcoming climbing season. There's a lot to like.

*Route "Stash" Photos:
4,500 high-resolution route photos for nearly every route in the Online Guidebook.

*3D Peak Models:
3-dimensional peak models are now available for each of the 14ers.

*3D Route Flyovers:
3-dimensional route flyover videos using satellite photos and 3D imaging software.

*3D Topographical (Map) Route Flyovers:
3-dimensional topo map flyovers provide yet another view of a route. These videos fly above the route in a simulated environment constructed out of topo maps. 3D Topo Flyovers

*TOPO! (National Geographic GPS/Mapping Software Downloads:
Many of us use the Nat Geo TOPO! software for mapping, route plotting, and as a primary interface to a GPS unit. The files contain a route line that was plotted using a GPS unit on one or more hikes. Using TOPO!, the raw data can be converted to waypoints and uploaded to your GPS for use on a hike.

*More Flexible Route "Print" Pages: Make it easier for you to customize and print out the routes you want.

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