Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sparkle the cat watch: still touch and go

As regular readers know, Sparkle, the adopted alley cat was attacked, probably by a dog, Monday. We found her later, after she had crawled into the house and settled on the couch. She was patched up by the vet and is on pain killers and anti-biotics, but she isn't in the clear. She refuses to eat or drink. She's even passed up favorites such as milk and tuna juice. We may have to start force feeding her tomorrow.
One good sign. Last night she got up briefly and hobbled around. She must have been tired of her bed.
Let's hope she turns the corner today.


PeggyP said...

Eat, drink and be merry Sparkle! I'm pulling for you.

food lady said...

Hang in there Sparkle Marlarkle. Before you know it you'll be chasing squirrels and tormenting Stanley.

Biker Betty said...

Come on, Sparkle, you can do it!!!

sepworldwide said...

Jeez, I hate to think of what the dog must look like. Sparkle, you'll pull through. The Philipps household cannot go Dog. The Chicago alley cats are thinking of you, too.