Thursday, January 11, 2007

A snowball's chance...

I can't believe my colleagues didn't get this in today's paper, what with all the talk of snow fatigue and such. (OK, OK, I SEE IT NOW, INSIDE METRO. ALL IS WELL WITH THE WORLD. BUT IN CASE YOU MISSED IT:)

There are numerous accounts of people from the East Coast buying snow on ebay, including this story about Colorado snowballs headed to Connecticut:

ILFORD, Conn. (AP) _ Chris Hansen's three daughters wanted snow for Christmas.

They're about to get it - all the way from Colorado.

With winter a no-show so far in Connecticut, Hansen found a way to fulfill his girls' wishes. The Milford man was the top bidder on eBay for three big plastic bags of snow from Colorado, an area of the country that got more than its share this winter. Mary Walker, of Loveland, Colo., offered an "Original Colorado Snow Auction'' on the Internet site and said that Hansen's bid of more than $40 was the winner.

"We're trying very hard to find a way to ship it so that it arrives as snow,'' Walker said. "None of the shippers will guarantee it, but there is a good chance if (the snow) is packed in dry ice.''

Hansen bought enough snow for each of his daughters to make a snowball. He said he responded to Walker's ad because it was quirky and because she was trying to raise money to buy a snow blower.

"I'm sure we'll eventually get snow of our own in Milford,'' he said. "But it was all in the Christmas spirit. The lady really needed a snow blower, and my kids learned that you can have fun and help somebody. A little silliness is a good thing."

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