Thursday, January 11, 2007

The next storm: feet not inches

I was catskiing at Monarch Wednesday, and all the guides could talk about was the impending storm, set to move in late tonight.
"Our weather folks say if could be the storm of the century," one of the guides told me. "They say it will be measured in feet, not inches."
OK, sure, we've had plenty of dire warnings of snow over the past few years that haven't materialized, but this year the storm always seems to exceeded the hype.
So... what are your plans for the weekend? If they include skiing, it might be a good idea to start them Friday. Or, dare I say, tonight? Get to a shelter near a ski hill, preferably one with a hot tub, and wait for the snow to pile up. It's supposed to hit most parts of the state.
If we do get two feet in Colorado Springs, (which is a little more than called for) I'm skiing The Incline. And the elk herd that has moved from Black Forest to Falcon will probably be grazing at my corner grocery.

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