Monday, January 22, 2007

The Ray Way

To fans of Ray Jardine, the man needs no introduction. Using his slogan, "The Ray Way," Jardine is famous for his ultra-light hiking and backpacking gear. Climbers might know him as the inventor of the Friend, a well-known climbing device. But those who don't follow Jardine beyond his gear offerings and his inventions might not know that he has an insatiable thirst for adventure. Among Jardine's list of trips and adventures (at hang-gliding off El Capitan in Yosemite, 1978; sailing around the world, 1982-'85; hiking Pacific Coast Trail (1987, '91), Continental Divide Trail ('92), Appalachian Trail ('93); kayaking 3,000 miles in the Arctic, 1988; and rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, 3,003 miles in 53 days, 2002. And that's just a sample of how this guy spends his time. A native of Colorado Springs, Jardine and his wife Jenny just completed a ski the South Pole. They are thought to be the first American couple to do so, skiing 58 days, 10.5 hours a day, in temperatures that hovered around -10 F. at night (without any wind.) Their blog,, chronicles their latest adventure. Ray and Jenny parted ways at the South Pole, and Ray went on with another group to climb Mount Vinson. True Ray fans will want to know: how did Ray and Jenny stay warm at night? Underneath one of Ray's trademark quilts, of course; one they call the Greenland (named for another chilly adventure).


Biker Betty said...

That seems pretty neat. I'm wondering has anyone tried their quilt that is suppose to take the place of a sleeping bag?

I have a zero degree bag that failed me in 20 degree weather this last October while camping up in the mountains with my son's boy scout troop. I was cold and miserable both nights. My son got too cold in his too and now doesn't want to participate in the monthly winter campouts his troop does.

Does this quilt work like they say? I'd like to hear from others that have used it. They are also away till January 25th and there are no prices posted for their kits.

jake said...

The price is on the order order form. I haven't slept with one of their quilts before, but have used one that I made myself. Last summer there were a few nights in the teens that I needed to wear a couple of layers under it to stay warm, but for most summer/fall hiking it keeps me warm by itself.