Thursday, January 18, 2007

The mountain is locked up this winter

Frequent Pikes Peak hiker Craig Burbank (see blog item below this one) reports that he hasn't seen a winter this harsh on Pikes Peak since he's lived here. The combination of frigid temperatures, lots of snow and lots of wind have created extreme conditions on the mountain. "I don't think anyone has made it past Barr Camp since it started snowing this winter," he says. Burbank made it to 12,600 feet Sunday. A consummate record-keeper, he says that in one particularly cold, dark canyon, it was about 20 degrees below zero.


UltraRob said...

There have been times when I've been out on long bike rides in the winter when I've gotten cold feet because the temperature dropped more than I had expected. When that happens, I keep my eyes open for plastic bags in the ditch. They've saved my feet more than once.

One time I had left Colorado Springs and ridden/walked my moutain bike up Mt. Herman in January. Just outside Monument I had found a couple newspaper baggies and had put them on my feet. My friend had turned back because he got cold and I had given him my jacket. I dropped into Woodland Park and was just going to take US 24 back home. It was late in the afternoon and without my jacket I was going to get seriously cold on the descent. I ended up going to Loaf and Jug and begging the clerk for a garbage bag to put between the layers that I had. She looked at me like I was crazy but did give me one. I was plenty home on the way down.

Dave Philipps said...

wow, sounds like an awesome loop.
Mt. Herman to Rampart Range would be nice too.

UltraRob said...

Oops, I really meant to comment on the previous Gear tip of the day post. The loop I did was my house near GoG, Santa Fe trail to Monument, Mt Herman, Rampart Road to Woodland Park, US 24 back home. The original plan was to stay on Rampart Road down into Garden of the Gods but I needed a garbage bag plus I would have been pushing daylight. The upper part of Mt. Herman as pretty much unrideable because it even 4 wheel drives appeared to be scraping in the center. It wasn't this winter. I've been riding too little to be able to enjoy something that long.

Biker Betty said...

Say, this might be a good place to ask this question. My son is in Boy Scouts and come spring time needs to practice for a 50 mile bike ride. Where in the Col Springs is a good place that is at least 5-10 or even about 20 miles with hardly any traffic and not very hilly?

Dave Philipps said...

I'd recommend the Santa Fe trail, which basically follows monument creek. It goes all the way from Monument to Fountain.

UltraRob said...

Biker Betty, is the ride your son is doing on the road or is it mountain biking? What kind of terrain? If there will be a lot of hills he'll want to do some of his training on hills. He should do at least one ride that's around 40 miles before the Boy Scout ride.

The Air Force Academy is a great place to ride on the road. You just need a photo ID to get in. The closed section of Gold Camp Road is another good place to ride in the dirt. Depending on what his ride will be like, I might make some other suggestions.

Biker Betty said...

Hi Dave & Ultrarob,

Thanks for your suggestions and comments. I have written them down and will look into them. One question Dave, how do I find out where the Santa Fe trail is exactly. Is there a map, could I google, or is there a book with a map? Thanks.

You have probably read my lengthy comment on Dena's repost of my question. I answered your questions as to what is required for the badge. I really appreciate you taking the time to help me in this and any further help on trails is appreciated. Is there a book or something that helps with this.

My son is too much into video games and is a couch potato at 12 yrs old, so I hope instill a love of bicycling this summer. He already enjoys biking, but it's very confined in our area for safe biking.

Thanks, Biker Betty :)

Biker Betty said...

PS: Places to bike would make a great "Out There" future article in the Gazette. I'm a regular fan of "Out There." I love to read about the gear/gadgets under "Gear Girl." I would love to see "Out There" published at least twice a week. I enjoy reading all there is out there in Colorado to do and read about what other's do.