Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gear tip of the day

Craig Burbank loves to walk. And he loves Pikes Peak. So he walks on Pikes Peak - a lot. We're talking nearly 500 times up that mountain since 1998. Burbank was profiled in last Friday's Out There section, and gear-conscious readers said: "Wow. Impressive. What kind of shoes does he wear?"
For winter hiking, Burbank wears Montrail Hurricane Ridge cross-trainers with YakTrax for traction. And here's his secret: He puts on his socks, then steps into two plastic bags before he puts on his shoes. He swears this is the best cold-weather footwear. I remember wearing plastic bread bags in my snowboots when I was a kid in Iowa so my feet wouldn't get cold.

My mother was right after all!

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Biker Betty said...

Wow!! that is neat to know about the plastic bags. My son and I are pretty active in the Boy Scouts and I had never heard that. We have been on some pretty chilly hikes. Thanks :)