Tuesday, December 19, 2006

What happened to Fowler and Boskoff?

Photo of Haizi Shan by Tamotsu Nakamura. Did Boskoff and Fowler climb to its summit?

Christine Boskoff is one of the world's best female climbers, and one of only three to have climbed the seven summits. Charlie Fowler is a Coloradan who is known as one of the world's best first ascensionists. Together, they set out on a two-month trip to climb some remote mountains in western China. When they didn't return in early December, friends became worried and started searching, but so far, there's no sign of them. The site www.alpinist.com has been doing some detective work, and dissects what is known right now about the missing duo.

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AndyW said...

I did a story on Boskoff after she took over Mountain Madness in 1997 following Scott Fisher's death on Everest. She was a driven woman, detached from the everyday world of West Seattle. Her background is in engineering and it was clear that she was more comfortable planning and tackling problems than she was talking to reporters.

I hope she and her climbing partner make it out.