Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A powder day?

Did you see this photo from Colorado Ski Country USA? Santa, taking a break from toymaking, to sample the slopes at Silverton Mountain!

Will you be joining him Wednesday? Silverton reported a foot of new snow! So did Telluride. Durango? 17 inches. And Wolf Creek? 19!!!

Too far? You may not need to wait long. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Drop us a line, or check out our new Snow Ride Guide.


Dena Rosenberry said...

OK, perhaps not today. Perhaps in the days to come.

I awoke to a dusting and no wind. Now, looking outside the newsroom, it's snow blowing sideways. Brrr!

Dave Philipps said...

God, just seeing that picture makes me want to go back to Silverton. It's the only mountain that every made me feel like I was in a ski movie.