Friday, December 01, 2006

Too cold to ski?

When I walked into the office Thursday and saw Dave sitting at his desk I knew one thing: It was too cold to ski.

Well, not technically, of course. But there's something to be said for enjoying your time on the mountain instead of freezing your tail off, losing feeling in your fingers and toes, the wind slapping snow crystals against your skin like so many tiny razorblades.

Any paying for the privilege.

I was looking at Web cams and temp readings and wondering about the weekend. Too cold? When you're trying to get a kid to embrace the sport, is this the wrong time?

As I was pondering, biz editor Joanna Bean e-mailed from across the newsroom:
"new snow, but tomorrow's forecast is for a HIGH of 11 degrees. How to weigh - does new snow outweigh cold temps? Or do we skiers/boarders pass for now -- after all, it's only Dec. 2!!"


Then, showing this wasn't a passing thought, Joanna e-mailed again:
"... Another factor is that you just don't know what snow will be like in Jan/Feb/Mar, so any bona fide skier sort of has to get out there now after this big dump. But looking at the Copper Mtn web cams is making me cold. BBRRR"

I've already decided. I'm putting up lights tomorrow and heading to the mountains Sunday. The boykie and I will be in snowboard school. He, trying to relearn skills of two years ago. Me, trying to put those years of skateboarding and surfing to good use on powder.

What about the rest of you?


Zen said...

As far as I'm concerned, there's no better way to wake up to life than dancing with the raging wind and a 40 below wind chill above timberline. But then again, I'm a freak. Or so sayeth the wife. And the boss. And my parents. And God?

My nerve endings pretty much died long ago, though. A high of eleven degrees is a bit nippy for tender little fingers and toes and noses and lips and earlobes. Sounds like a good call to me.

Hung Like a Centipede said...

Too cold to ski, wouldn't know. We don't have any snow to ski on. Guess I'll just go for a trail run on the dirt. Please send the clouds in Colorado north to South Dakota when you're done with them, we need the help.

Pint o' lager to you for having a blog worth reading.