Thursday, December 21, 2006

Snow photos and the Leadville 100

(courtesy of a Gazette reader)

There are some amazing and amusing blizzard/storm photos (such as those above) that readers have sent in and posted at

And Ultra Rob, a local cyclist and Out There friend, has some posted on his blog, too.

Rob, too, is talking about Floyd Landis racing this year's Leadville 100. A couple of our photographers were pondering that yesterday, and I meant to check it out and post it. Landis and Lance Armstrong powering through the hills - sounds like fun.

Check out Rob's blog for the photos and more info.

And, if your kids are stuck inside today and are Harry Potter fans, in a completely unrelated announcement - but one that seems fitting on a day many would love to spend curled up inside with a book - J.K. Rowling has announced the title of the last Harry Potter book. I'm a fan (even though I think Rowling needs a better editor) - I wish Out There could cover quidditch!

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