Thursday, December 21, 2006

After the storm, the powder count

Photo from Winter Park, courtesy Colorado Ski Country USA

When I woke up this morning, Colorado's blizzard was the top news on NPR. Denver closed. Airports closed. Everything closed. The reporter signed off by saying the storm was a boon for Colorado ski resorts.

Unfortunately, few of them saw the snow people in places such as Black Forest are now digging out from.
Here's a sample of the numbers:
Breck 3
Beaver Creek 3
Vail 6
Copper 4

It was only the usually scant Front Range hills that picked up serious snow:

Eldora 24
Echo Mountain 14

Winter Park got at nice shot: 14

Oh, and of course, Wolf Creek got ROCKED, as usual: 3 inches in the last 24 hours, but 40 inches since the storm started.

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Dena Rosenberry said...

Love the KISS photo. Was expecting Little Red Riding Hood in the Black Forest link...