Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Skiing without snow in Maine

I just got a note from a good ski buddy who lives in Maine. (I've tried to get him to relocate to no avail.) Anyway, here is how he is dealing with the dearth of snow this winter in New England:

Beginning back in 5th grade, I made it a tradition to ski every Christmas Eve day, usually for some turns on boilerplate.

This year conditions were a bit thin here in Harrison, ME. However, with a good coat of WD-40 on my 4th grade Nordic skis I was able to straight-line the chute and make a big turn on the apron, also known as my parent's leach field.

I hope those of you in snowier places are out enjoying it. Those of you looking out the window at dirt, may the snow come soon

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Zen said...

Yeah, that sucks. Maine, Minnesota and a whole bunch of others are simple sans white this year. Minnesota inherited our blizzard low, but their moisture fell mostly as rain. Good god - maybe Al Gore is right. :0)