Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Davenport says Sangres skiable, end is near for 14er project

Many people I've talked to recently said they doubted pro skier Chris Davenport, of Aspen, would meet his goal of skiing all Colorado's 14ers in one year. Why? Because some ranges, particularly the Sangre de Cristos, get very little snow. They may only be skiable every five years or so. Last week the range got wallopped. On December 23, Davenport bagged Humbolt Peak. Before that it was Kit Carson. Now he's moving on to the remaining Sangres.

See his report on Humbolt here.

Here's his take on the rest of the project:

Mother Nature was tough on me last season, leaving me with nine peaks left to go this fall and winter. But then she came through in a big way this week with a fat storm that covered all the right zones. So now I have five peaks to go: Crestone Needle, Blanca, Little Bear, Shavano, and Longs. I was hoping to finish by the New Year, but now it looks like I will change to plan C, which would be to finish in a year period from when I started last season, January 21. That gives me three weeks to do five peaks. I’m excited to be getting down to the wire here. I think Mt. Shavano might be the toughest peak, because it has no snow on it right now, but we will have to wait and see.

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