Friday, December 29, 2006

If only there were skiing in Denver!

Two storms in a row, the mile high city has posted twice as much snow as ski resorts in the high country. This morning is no exception. The most snow Summit County saw last night was A Basin, which has four inches. For a full state ski report visit
Meanwhile, Denver has been hit by a foot of snow, and another foot is on the way, according to the AP.

The big winner in this storm pattern that has now sucker punched Colorado twice in eight days in little Echo Mountain Park, the state's newest, and one of its smallest ski areas, just west of Evergreen.
Echo got 22 inches in the last 24 hours. It got almost three feet in the last storm.
You might say Echo is the new Wolf Creek - a tiny resort with huge snow. Problem is, Echo is basically just a terrain park.
The clientelle there doesn't really want fresh powder. They want well-sculpted ramps. To see the mountain's terrain visit
Oh well, at least for a few days any botched landings will feel a little softer.

Snow continues throughout the weekend. I hope you make the most of it.
I'm headed up to Summit County now. We'll have pictures and first-hand beta from the mountains. Tomorrow, there's already talk of hitting Vail's back bowls for what will be my first big powder day of the season. Keep your skis crossed, let's hope the mountains see some serious pow.

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