Thursday, December 28, 2006

Body ID's as Charlie Fowler

Gene Johnson reports for the AP:

A snow-covered body found on a remote mountain in China has been identified as photographer Charlie Fowler of Colorado, who disappeared several weeks ago with his climbing partner, Christine Boskoff, friends said today.

Helen Chung, a spokeswoman for Boskoff’s adventure company Mountain Madness, said the body found Wednesday was Fowler’s but she had no further information. Boskoff, a top female climber who owns the Seattle-based company and who also owns a home in Colorado, was still missing but feared dead.

The climbers were reported missing when they failed to return to the United States on Dec. 4. On Wednesday, searchers on the mountain spotted a gray boot and blue gaiter sticking out of the snow. The position of the body indicated the pair may have been swept up by an avalanche, Mountain Madness director David Jones said. Friends believed the two climbers would be roped together, and that Boskoff’s body would also be found.

Boskoff twice reached the peak of Everest and had summitted the tallest peaks on five other continents, but she preferred to explore the unnamed, unclimbed mountains of southwestern China, Jones said. “It is the freedom, it is the challenge, both physical and mental, and the ability to go into places that no human has ever been. She’s more interested in going to the edge of the map.

"The fact that she was in beautiful, pristine mountains, unclimbed areas, and climbing with someone she knew, trusted and loved — I think she would be happy with this as a way to go.”
To contribute to search, rescue and recovery efforts, visit Mountain Madness.

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