Monday, November 06, 2006

Catamount isn't for the dogs

People are wondering if they can take their dogs to the new Teller County open space, Catamount Ranch Resource Protection Area. The answer - yes, and no. Actually, it's best to leave your dogs at home - they can only go a short distance to where the main trail intersects with a portal trail that in summer heads to the North Slope Recreation Area. And if you go, take hiking poles - the first stretch of this trail will be icy and slippery all winter.

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Zen said...

But Deb... WHY the restriction? I can't seem to get an answer out of Teller County. Perhaps a reporter could.

There certainly are legitimate reasons for restricting or, if the situation warrants, banning dogs. But how does Teller County explain this PARTIAL ban? The first time any of us heard about it was the day of the ribbon cutting. I don't recall there being a public input process, but the public does at least deserve to know the county's reasoning.

We know for example that horses aren't allowed because of traffic and parking concerns related to horse trailers. But what is the logic behind this partial dog ban?

The Catamount Institute uses this area for research. Did they recommend the restriction to protect wildlife? There are elk calving grounds in the area. Did the recommendation come from the Div. of Wildlife? Why are dogs allowed to the first gate / portal? Is it to allow canine hikers to legally access the national forest (which does allow dogs)? Are they concerned about dog waste? If so, why is any part open to dogs?

Just looking for some answers.