Thursday, October 12, 2006

Take the grizz quiz

It happens all the time in Colorado - people thinking they've seen a grizzly bear. (There are also reports of bigfoot and kangeroos, too. That's a whole other story.)

The Colorado Division of Wildlife investigates reports of grizzlies, but its biologists have been unable to prove their existence in this state since the late 1970s. Still, some hunters, hikers and campers insist they've come upon a grizz in the wilds. If you think you can distinguish a grizzly from the black bear, check out this cool quiz, set up by Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Department to educate hunters.

Sample question (see the photo above): Always look for a combination of characteristics (shoulder hump, ears, facial profile). Is this a grizzly bear?

Answer: Yes

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Anonymous said...

took the quiz got 87% and i live in Iowa= we have no bears, good to know if i ever get to see a real bear! keep hoping to no avail yet!