Friday, October 06, 2006

Oh, deer!

Kyle Fenner e-mailed early today to say he and a crew of others pulled a deer out of a mine shaft Thursday night.

Here's his tale:

We saved a deer last night, had to pull it out of a mine shaft -- hard work, lots of people, the city cherry picker/BIG fork lift, Fire, EMS, PD, DOW, Cripple Creek Victor Gold Mine rescue guy... what an ordeal... in the dark...

but happy ending :-)

I am amazed at what people will do to help.

Scott Kerr (a co-worker) was the one to call me... he was walking his dog on a trail when they found the buck in a 25-foot hole, unhurt. There were timbers down there that he could hide behind.

How he got there unhurt I have NO idea! Helluva fall.

We named the buck (a little spike) "Gold Digger". When we got him out after about 2 hours we had to tackle him right away to get the ropes off. Then he ran off into the night -- a minute later four HUGE bucks came up over the hill and just sat there feeding and looking at us....then a little head poked up behind them and it was Gold Digger... It was like they had been out there waiting for him.

They hung out right there for 15 minutes while we all talked about the experience and then they trotted off into the night...All of us were thrilled by it...

Great story and a greater ending! Thanks, Kyle. I'll contact Metro folks and also see about posting to YourHub. More people should read about this one!

Anyone get a photo? If so, send it and we'll post that, too.

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