Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Wake up and smell the fresh concrete

A guest post from Gazette editor Jeff Thomas, who has news from the city bike paths:

Good news for skinny-tire commuters: Paving is completed along the southern portion of the Northridge Reach of the Pikes Peak Greenway. A chunk of that portion of trail was paved earlier this season, leaving only a quarter-mile or so to complete when the monsoons set in.

The half-mile stretch, which begins at the footbridge 0.3 miles north of Garden of the Gods Road and runs northward along the east bank of Monument Creek (to that spooky abandoned football field – what’s the story there, anyway?), had been unpaved for many a moon. The sandy, often gooey soil often forced roadies like me out of their saddles and to portage through the muck.

No more. On today’s ride in to Gazette Central, I was remembering last night’s rains and bucking up for the usual hike through the mud when what should my eyes behold but a quarter-mile of smooth concrete heaven.


UltraRob said...

Good to hear it handled last nights rain. A coupe weeks ago when they were still finishing it up, the mud washed out on to the new concrete.

Jeff Thomas said...

There is some mud on the new pavement, and probably will be every time it rains heavily. But it wasn't much to deal with this morning.

There is some heavy muck on the Cottonwood trail underneath I-25, however, that will flip you over if you're not careful!

Zen said...

Nice to see bike paths.