Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Missing climber found dead near Crestones

A 60-year-old climber from St. Louis didn't return to his car in the South Colony Lakes region of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain on Saturday, causing a search to go out. They found the climber had checked in at the upper parking lot in South Colony, but found no sign of him.

Now we're getting reports via 14ers.com, at this point unconfirmed, that the climber was found dead below Broken Hand Peak, just east of Crestone Needle. This is a dangerous, and heavily used area, and so, in the last few years, we've seen a few deaths here. And with the weather the way it was this weekend, I can imagine the rock was pretty slick.

On many of these peaks, the climbing is not that hard, but the cost of a small mistake is severe. From what I've seen, the people who last are the ones who are very cautious, although, usually, that caution only comes from a series of close calls.

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