Thursday, August 03, 2006

I just got a copy of Ski magazine in the mail...

and it advises me to "Do Something NEW!" That's not bad advice, especially this time of year, when we all start to feel like summer is over - the nights are cooler, the air heavier, Ski magazine comes in the mail.
Among Ski's suggestions: Learn to play golf or fly fish, enroll in a mountain bike clinic, or get yourself into a kayak.
Your new adventure doesn't have to be extreme. Think small. Maybe even combine a couple of spectator sports into one experience. Snowmass Village (in Aspen) is hosting USA Cycling's NORBA Nationals Mountain Bike Series Aug. 12 and 13. The resort will open its Burlingame and Coney Glad chairlifts for free rides for both competitors and spectators Aug. 10-13. Take a ride and watch some of the country's best cyclists.

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