Thursday, June 29, 2006

Upping the punishment

(Jim Doucette of TnT Canada stops to give some much needed attention to his feet in this photo by Daniel Cassettari, courtesy of Cassettari and Primal Quest. According to PQ news, he'll need them for additional work in the next 24 hours.)

Primal Quest just got harder, according to the web site.

Not satisfied with the degree of punishment already inflicted, Don “Sweet Satan” Mann added a twist to the PQ course Thursday: a challenging orienteering course that the lead teams will have to navigate at night.

The race leaders will soon learn that 417 miles won’t be enough to finish PQ. In addition, they’ll have to find five orienteering marks, requiring about eight miles of hard navigation.

This addition to the race occurs at elevations above 10,000 feet, which should give Rocky Mountain teams an advantage.

The late-breaking addition will not come as a complete surprise to racers who read their official course books thoroughly, and interpreted the clues liberally, organizers said.

Primal Quest crew say it's likely racers won't be thrilled with the prospect of carrying a few extra hours worth of food up a 4,000 foot climb.

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