Friday, June 30, 2006

Racing to the finish

(Looking across to the La Sal Mountains from Transition Area 10. Leading teams are in the mountains or headed there today. Photo by Richard Lambakis, courtesy of Lambakis and Primal Quest.)

Good morning! I haven't heard from Dave and David this morning, but checking the Primal Quest Web site, I see Nike PowerBlast and GoLite/Timberland are past Checkpoint 35 and heavy into the mountain trekking portion of the race. They're in gorgeous country, the La Sal Mountains, but I doubt they're noticing.

Merrell/Wigwam is through Checkpoint 34 and SOLE is through Checkpoint 31. SOLE is on the lookout for Supplierpipeline, also through Checkpoint 31.

Continue checking in for updates and visit the PQ site for great photos, video and an interactive map.

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