Friday, June 02, 2006

Not so delicate

What happened on Delicate Arch, a landmark in Arches National Park in Utah? On May 7, noted climber Dean Potter climbed the aptly named landmark and touched off a major controversy. (You may have read about the hubbub here on this blog.)

On the Outside magazine Web site, author Tim Neville examines Potter's climb and whether it was quite as delicate as the climber claims.

The ethics of climbing are a worthy subject. In his book "Rock Climbing Colorado," Colorado Springs climber and noted climbing guide author Stewart Green writes: "As John Sherman so aptly points out... 'Topping out on a climb means nothing. How you get to the top means everything.' These statements lie at the heart of the ethical debate. Climbers have long promoted their individual and area ethics. But we need to agree to disagree only to the point where the rock itself does not become an unwilling and innocent victim to our own callous egos."

Check out the Outside article and let us know where you stand. Did Potter overstep his ethical boundary?

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