Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Your favorite way to climb Pikes Peak

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This June I'm putting together a package on ways to climb Pikes Peak. The Barr Trail is a classic, and God knows I love everything about it, but 24 miles round trip -- that's just too much. So I want to list other, shorter favorites and back ways.
Write and tell me your favorite way to climb the peak.
Y Couloir?
Oil Creek?
The Crags?
Or maybe something lesser known.
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2 comments: said...

I like the route from Gillett up West Fork of West Beaver Creek. A disadvantage is that the first couple miles are along the road through the Cripple Creek reservoirs. Beyond this, it's a spectacular canyon followed by a great tundra walk. Another nice route is from Horsethief Park, via the ridge connecting Sentinel Point and Devil's Playground. The disadvantage of this route is that you have to give up, then regain about 700'.

UltraRob said...

The only way I've ever done it is up Barr Trail. When I was 16, I even rode my bike as far as I could and then dragged it all the way to the summit.

My favorite time to do the Peak is January or February by moonlight. I leave about 9 pm and summit around 3-4 am and am back to timberline for sunrise. With the moon reflecting off the snow I don't even have to use my headlamp. Because the trail is burried above timberline, I just go straight up the face.