Wednesday, March 22, 2006

You've never tracked moose like this...

Web-savvy wildlife watchers can track the movements of two female Shiras moose captured in Utah and released on the Grand Mesa in January.
The girls are fitted with special telemetry collars that send a GPS signal to satellites. The data is sent back to computers on Earth to allow biologists – and anyone who has Internet access – to track the moose.
To see the tracking information, go to the DOW Web site.
Speaking of online wildlife, the owls at the owl cam are still there and - surprise - they are alseep right now.

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Prod.Net said...

The Owl is awake now! What? You aren't working at 9:15 pm, heck in fact, it is only 8:15 pm in Colorado. The owl cam is pretty cool when they are awake like this, but i do have to feel sorry for it in what appears to be a simple box cage. Kinda a boring life?