Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Now we're talking

You've just finished a rigorous workout and you reach for a sports drink. You know, the kind that comes in red or blue or green and says it replenishes all the fluids and some important nutritients that left your body while you sweated and strained. A physiologist at Indiana University Bloomington believes you should rethink that sports drink choice. His suggestion: chocolate milk.

Joel Stager, a professor of kinesiology, has found that drinking chocolate milk is the best way to recover after a workout. It has a high carbohydrate and protein content and replaces fluids lost as sweat. Stager first tested his chocolate milk theory on swimmers, and the promising results led him to conduct a study with cyclists in a more controlled environment. He said chocoloate milk is most beneficial to such athletes as swimmers, long-distance runners and cyclists. Wonder if you could substitute a hot-fudge sundae?


Anonymous said...

I know somebody who swears by yoo-hoo as a sports. That is kind of the same thing. Sounds like he may be ahead of the curve.

Anonymous said...

...woops, that's suppose to be "sports drink."

UltraRob said...

There's been plenty of research about the need for both carbs and protein right after a workout. Chocolate milk has both so it makes sense it would work as a recovery drink. There are better drinks out there such as Hammer Nutrition's Recoverite.