Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oh, for 100

This topic came up today at work, when those of us who ski were dreaming of skiing. We've all heard of people who brag about getting in 100 or more days of skiing in a season. But if you do the math, it seems nearly impossible, especially if you hold down a job or have a family. If you go twice every weekend from November through April, you still only get in 48 days of skiing. Even if you extend the season by skiing at A-Basin, that only adds 8 more days, so you're up to 56. Throw in a spring break week? 63. Even Christmas vacation? 70.
So, we're still puzzled. You members of the 100-Day Club - tell us how you do it.

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Dave Philipps said...

After college I ski bummed for a year and got in 118 days on the snow (that's working as a snowboard instructor and skiing almost every day I had off. I actually skied more than I walked that year) so it is possible. I don't think it's possible if you live on the Front Range. But oh, the magical transformation you go through after 60 or 70 days. Skiing seems so natural you no longer have to think.
Ironically, now that I write about skiing, I ski quiet a bit less.