Friday, March 03, 2006

Local trail conditions update

If you love the outdoors in the Pikes Peak region, it's been a great week. Not only has the weather been AWESOME for getting out on the trail, but news that Colorado Springs' open space tax has survived a court battle means there will be more trails in the future to get out on. But how are the trails? Sometimes snow can linger, especially in shadowy corners of the forest.

Here is a breakdown of what we have heard:

Cheyenne Canyon -- still spots of ice on the canyon floor, especially spots like the Seven Bridges trail. If you're looking for ice-free, go for the Buckhorn/Cap'n Jacks loop.

Stratton Open Space -- still a few patches of ice on The Chutes, riders be careful.

Waldo Canyon -- just a bit of ice along the creek at the high end of the loop.

Aiken Canyon Preserve -- snow-free and gorgeous, remember, no dogs and bikes allowed.

Monument Fire Center -- Snow-free, enjoy the riding.

Barr Trail -- snow past No Name Creek. Could be slick, especially in the morning before thaw.

Mueller Park -- conditions relatively clear -- we think -- this is based on the amount of snow in the shade in Woodland Park, which is none.

If you have trail conditions you'd like to post, leave a comment.

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