Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hot Wheels

I just paid a visit to USA Cycling and got a chance to see what the U.S. team mountain bikers are riding in 2006, and it's hot.
They're on the Specialized S-Works bike: a carbon frame, disc brakes, top-of-the-line components and the most awesome rear suspension I've ever tried. The new Brain shock automatically adjusts the suspension from firmly efficient in smooth terrain to fully active in the rough stuff. Most of the time, it feels like it's a hard tail, but get into the rocks, and it immediately softens up. Very, very cool. And light, and responsive -- a race horse.
I was lusting after it. I was even thinking of turning in my old Univega.
Then I saw the MSRP: $7,800.
Wow. Too close to how much I paid for my car.
Can anyone recommend a good, all around bike that is a good value?

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Anonymous said...

Hey, Dave. Love the blog. The Specialized bike you show on the blog is an FSR model that is a couple of years old. The Carbon Epic is much different looking and can be viewed on Specialized' website at www.specializedbikes.com. No, I don't work for them, just ride their bikes. I'm not sure what you are looking for in a bike, but for about $1500 you can get a well-equipped Specialized Stumpjumper full-suspension model. I've had good luck and good support from them. Every bike brand has good all-around full suspension bikes in that price range. You might also look at Trek, Giant, Jamis, GT, or Cannondale. Keep up the good work.