Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Back to the beginning

Here's a trivia question for you: Which Colorado ski area hosted the first snowboard competition?
(Bonus question: What year was it?)
If you remember the contest at Ski Cooper, you're right. If you remember the year, you're really good. If you were there, you're old!
In 1981, Cooper opened its slopes to a strange and virtually unknown competitive sport - snowboarding. To commemorate the silver anniversary, Cooper is hosting "Return to King of the Mountain," a celebration of the sport that transformed ski resorts. The event will feature legendary snowboard pioneers competing on antique equipment furnished by Burton, Sims and Winterstick. There's also a rail jam open to the public, and live music. Check it out April 1 (closing day) at Cooper.

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Dave Philipps said...

I may have to whip out my old K2 Gyrator for that!