Tuesday, March 07, 2006

e-hunting, not in this state, mister.

Thursday when the Division of Wildlife's commissioners meet, they plan to outlaw online deer shooting in Colorado. They will join a number of states banning the practice.
What? Didn't you know you can log onto some Web sites and shoot animals with a remote-controlled rifle?
Any guesses what state this industry started in?

O.K., we'll do multiple choice:
A. Delaware
B. Oregon
C. Nebraska
D. Texas

If you answered anything but "Yeeeeee-hawwwwww!" you need to study a bit more.

OK, maybe you're saying, "Dave, I really want to shoot things, but I'd rather shoot people than animals."

No problem. You can log onto www.live-paintball.com and take remote-controlled pot shots with a gas-powered paintball rifle at real people who are playing paintball. The first month's membership is only $1!

In a related note (?) - you decide - a letter to the editor in The Gazette today forecasted the fall of modern western society.

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