Monday, March 06, 2006

Cheap shot at Coloradans

The New York Times devoted a whole lot of space this weekend to a love poem to Taos Valley Ski Area, complete with pictures of plentiful snow.
The writer, Lisa Reed, tells us she was there last January. There must have been snow then. There isn't much now - Taos has had a tough tough that its Web site declares defiantly "Taos Ski Valley is committed to staying open through Sunday, April 2."

Still, the Times writer marched on without so much as a hint that Taos might be snowless this year. And then, she went even further, praising Taos while she made fun of Colorado.
"Other ski areas are full of bronzed ladies in fur-trimmed parkas and swaggering fat cats on cell phones, fist-pumping fraternity boys and the like. But at Taos — perhaps because it is known as a difficult mountain, or because it’s hard to get to, with the closest major airport 130 miles away — people really come to ski, not to go to spas or go out dancing all night. It’s a destination for the truly dedicated. 'No safety bars and no Botox — unlike Colorado,' as a fellow skier put it."

I've been skiing all winter and have yet to see a swaggering fat cat or a bronzed lady in a fur-trimmed parka. Of course, it's hard to see anything in all the glorious powder. - Deb


Anonymous said...

Well I would have to disagree, it begins at Denver airport furry booted ski groupies and dudes with feathered cowboy hats. WTF. And the CO lift lines, rude crowds at lunch, high prices, and we wont even mention the white out conditions you get on the mountains. Your comments about no snow at Taos do not jibe with my thirty years experience skiing there. That is usually the CO fall back slam, since it is the Southernmost major ski area in the USA.
The thing about the Internet, it empowers people to not just take for granted what others might tell them. They just might research it themselves. Here is a YouTube video of Taos 2006:

Sorry 2006 was such a bad snow year (wink) in 2007 they had over twenty feet, 2008 is rocking this weekend in Taos is the World Qualifiers for the World Freeride Championships. Did I mention World?
Snow free venues don't get booked for top shelf World competitions.
But maybe if you offer some tanning sessions, furry boots, and dude cowboy hats CO too can get some props from visiting big city paper reporters. Frankly I would prefer the masses go to Colorado, and leave Taos to serious skiers like me. Pwned.

Anonymous said...

Here is how it is in 2008

and 2007

My research shows Anon. has truthiness in his post.

Anonymous said...

Taos Ski Valley 2007

Taos Ski Valley 2008

Looking into this has made me want to check out Taos! Thanks Anon!! I owe ya one.

Anonymous said...

And I found evidence of 2005
skiing too.

Look to me OP owes Taos an apology. No reason to be smearing without cause. Guess the green eyed monster got the best of someone! Let me set the way.

Taos I am very sorry on behalf on all CO folks that spoke about you in ignorance or from a jealous place.