Monday, January 09, 2006

The missing lynx

Since 1999 when lynx reintroduction started in the San Juan Mountains, 204 of the adult cats have been released and another 101 kittens have been born. In 2006, Division of Wildlife biologists estimate about 200 lynx are living in Colorado. And they are not just sticking to the San Juans. According to a story in the Summit Daily News yesterday, The lynx are on the move. Some have gone as far as 100 miles north of I-70. A map of sightings by the CDOW even shows that they have wandered into western areas of the Pike National Forest. A map from a great story in National Geographic this month shows the areas of the state that are currently Lynx territory.

The bottom line is that these cats are reproducing on their own and doing a great job. It's one of the state's big biological success stories.


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