Monday, January 09, 2006

A Colorado Question

This week’s "Colorado State of Mind" which airs Fridays on Rocky Mountain PBS asks: Should the lost foot the cost? When people get lost while hiking, hunting, skiing or snowboarding, someone has to search for them. That costs money. Should local governments make the lost parties pay, or is saving their lives – and the expense of it – the responsibility of government?

Especially timely since more people are ducking ropes and getting fined for it.
One could certainly argue charging will cause people to think before they duck, but does it also disuade the lost from calling for help?



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Todd Caudle said...

That's akin to people paying the fire department for putting out the grease fire in their kitchen, or being billed by the CSPD for investigation of a robbery. I think in the vast majority of cases, SAR should be treated just as police and fire are now.