Tuesday, January 10, 2006

A granular day

Here's a snow term you don't hear very often in Colorado: "frozen granular." To find that undesireable snow, you need to visit Seven Oaks ski area, a 15-minute drive west of Ames, Iowa. As of today, Seven Oaks had a base of 12-18 inches of that frozen granular, snow-like stuff (formed when snow crystals melt then freeze again). But hey, it's cool that Iowa has ski resorts, don't you think? If you can ski the ice-covered hills there, you'll be a super-skier in Colorado. - Deb

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AndyW said...

Best quote from the Seven Oaks web site: "Trail difficulty at Seven Oaks is a relative system and should not be compared to any other ski area. You should start at an easy trail and work your way up."

I'm guessing it's not Silverton.