Friday, December 02, 2005

Bad for the World Cup, good for you.

It's snowing in the mountains. And it just keeps snowing. There hasn't been one big news-grabbing dump, but Summit, Vail, and Grand Counties have gotten six-inch servings of the white stuff every day this week. It's dumping there now, and the forecast calls for more through the night.
They've had so much snow and poor visibility that some practices at the World Cup races in Beaver Creek were cancelled, and race times have been slow, but a friend who ski patrols called last night to say "you gotta get up here, this is the best early season I've seen in years."

The best way to get a quick rundown on snow conditions is The site gives you reported snow depth at all the state's resorts. Just remember, they only update once or twice a day, so while it keeps snowing, those numbers are growing! Get going!


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