Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Welcome to the Jungle

Friday in Out There we'll tell you how to bust up the algae party going on in your Camelbak tube, plus give you other easy gear fixes for the end of the warm weather season.

Speaking of the end of warm weather, I talked to a guy from Breck ski patrol yesterday about the avalanche that killed one man up near Winter Park Sunday. He said the central mountains are covered with slides right now. Here's what happened: We got that big dump of snow in October. Then it got nice and warm for a few weeks and the snow would melt every day and freeze again at night until in became as solid as the grille on an Abrams Tank. Then a foot of new snow fell on that slick, solid surface. The outcome: instant slab avalanches at the slightest touch.
So what do we do? Wait. Slowly the snow will start to bond together. Although Avi-techs will tell you, a weak layer like that can persist until the spring thaw, so be careful.

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