Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Get your gear on

OK, we know you probably don't take the kitchen sink when you head out for an adventure. But if you understand the concept of gear for all occasions, you might be the Greatest Gearhead. If you think you deserve that title, we want to know. After all, we understand the importance of gear - lots and lots of gear. So we're looking for the Gearhead to top all Gearheads. You can nominate yourself or a friend or family member for this title. The winner will be featured in a story in the Out There section of The Gazette and will receive prizes. To enter, send the Gearhead's name, address and telephone numbers along with 100 words or fewer that tell us why he or she should win, to: Greatest Gearhead, Out There/Newsroom, The Gazette, P.O. Box 1779 Colorado Springs, CO 80901, or e-mail deb.acord@gazette.com Entry deadline is Nov. 18. - Deb

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