Friday, November 11, 2005

Might want a guide anyway

Last month Silverton Mountain finally got what it's been looking for since it opened: official status. The steeper than steep expert nutbag ski area in the San Juans was granted a 40-year permit by the BLM, which opens up unguided skiing starting in April.
Until then, the old system of a guide and six customers applies. But thankfully, with only double black diamond runs with some going through narrow rock chutes and into serious avalanche terrain, the guide service will be around after April too.
I've never been to Silverton and hope to get down there this year. I think I'll stick with the guide.
But for all those guys who don't flinch at a 100-centimeter-wide couloir descent, and know how to dig a buddy out from under 8 feet of snow, good news: unguided tickets should be a lot cheaper than the $130 per day lift ticket price in place now.
Has anyone checked out Silverton? What shouldn't be missed?

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