Friday, November 11, 2005

Let me throw this out there...

Avalanche safety classes don't make you any safer
If you take a look at the statistics, those caught in an avalanche often have had classes, even high-level classes. They are wearing all the safety gear much of the time.
So what gives?
Does the knowledge make them feel more secure? Do they get into more trouble because they think they know how to get out of more trouble?
Lou Dawson, backcountry blogger and ski hall-of-famer, says the knowledge in most classes is focused on rescue and survival. Not avoidance.

I once heard a backcountry guide joke that the best avalanche safety tool to have along is a woman.
"A lot of avoiding an avalanche comes down to seeing something that might slide, and deciding not to ski it. Women are naturally more cautious," he said.

Maybe so. Check out the deaths from last year: none involve women. Most involved male pattern stupidity.


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