Monday, October 24, 2005

The pitter patter of little leaves

A-Basin had a surprise opening Sunday after deciding they didn't have the snow to open Friday.
It may feel like winter up there, but it's the peak of fall here.
Walking into the new sroom this morning on a perfect, clear, still day, I hear the regular rustle of leaves tapping the pavement. I don't know if it is the cold air after yesterday's clouds, but these guys were falling so fast it sounded like rain. At this rate, they'll all be gone by noon.

Instead of skiing, I tried to get in one last epic "no snow" hike Sunday. On the way up to the Victor area, I stopped at the Donut Mill. It was full of people in ski pants heading up to the Basin.

As for my hike: no good. I wanted to do a 13-mile trail-less bushwack that basically goes from Victor to Penrose. But yesterday, the mountains were so socked in that I couldn't see more than 50 yards. After four miles, I realized (or actually, my wife realized) if we kept going we would finish well after dark. We turned back, vowing to return in June or July. - Dave

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