Friday, June 06, 2008

More fake Rockies?

The U.S. Postal Service will release this stamp next week as part of the "Flags of our Nation" series. Looking at the stamp, my question is, what mountain is that? Certainly it's distinctive enough that Out There blog readers can name it... that is, unless it is another example of using a non-Colorado peak and calling it a Colorado Peak. (The flip-side is the state quarter, which clearly has Longs Peak on it, but officially has a generic mountain scene.) On the stamp, the profile looks volcanic, so if it's really a Centennial State summit, it's probably in the San Juans. In the background are uplifted mesas. Could it be a scene from along Highway 160 between Wolf Creek Pass and Durango. Study it, then offer your best guess.
Anyone who can provide a convincing candidate gets the first-ever Out There Blog shout out.


Anonymous said...

It's Capitol Peak after another 7,427 years of erosion. Just the USPS way of "Looking toward the future."

zen said...

Ya but I got the first ever Out There gold star. A shout out is chump change.

It's purple. It's a mountain. I guess it's majestic. It's Pikes Peak as viewed with one eye open from a single boulder on the north slope of the south side of a nameless peak to the west of Mount Herman.

(though it really looks like Shuksan).